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01 january 2014
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iVESTOR Card Issuance Service (on Request)

The investor can submit a request to issue an iVESTOR Card from the Client Affairs Department.

The technology used for the iVESTOR card means investors can receive dividend payments electronically into the card, enabling them to instantly withdraw cash from the card and top up further funds from anywhere in the world via VISA and PLUS marked ATM machines, as well as make retail and online purchases worldwide.

iVESTOR cardholders can also register and subscribe to IPO’s executed by DFM as well as register and vote at General Meetings using their card.

In response to the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) Resolution No. (28/R) of 2010 No. 2 of 2015, iVESTOR is an innovative solution for investors to instantly receive any due dividends from DFM listed companies directly into their iVESTOR card.

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Customer Services
T: +971 4 305 5555
E: customerservice@dfm.ae

AED 50.

  1. Complete the iVESTOR Card Services Request Form and submit to the Client Affairs Department along with the required documents.
  2. The Client Affairs Department will issue a receipt invoice for the investor to pay the required fee amount.
  3. Once payment is made, the Client Affairs Department will issue the iVESTOR Card to the investor.
  4. The Card will be sent to the investor via Aramex, and the investor will be notified by SMS prior to delivery.

Required Documents
  1. iVESTOR Card Services Request Form.
  2. Valid copy of the Passport.
  3. Valid copy of National ID (UAE Nationals & Residents only).
  4. A copy of the Power of Attorney and copy of National ID (if Representative).

How to Apply?
Online through DFM eServices, call DFM Customer Services on +971 4 305 5555, or in person at the DFM Client Affairs Department, Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai


Deposits or withdrawals made from Emirates NBD cash machines are free of charge while withdrawals from cash machines of other banks may be chargeable.
There is no annual fee, the card is valid for 5 years.
Your can apply for the iVESTOR card once you open an Investor Number (NIN) with the DFM.

For new investors, please complete the Investor Number Request Form

To apply for an iVESTOR card and if you have an Investor Number (NIN), kindly complete the Investor Number Request Form

Applying for an iVESTOR card requires a fee (please refer to the Fees section). 

For new investors, please complete the Investor Number Request Form. 

To apply for an iVESTOR card and if you have an Investor Number (NIN), kindly complete the iVESTOR card Request Form.

For the option of having dividends credited to an iVESTOR Card, you must first have an iVESTOR card and then complete the Cash Dividends Request Form to indicate your preference.