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01 january 2014
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Securities Lending and Borrowing (SLB)

"SBL" or "SLB" or "Securities lending" is a temporary loan of securities by a lender or borrower where the:

  1. Lender may recall securities at any time, allowing shares to be returned within the normal market settlement cycle notwithstanding an agreed maturity date.
  2. Borrower may return securities at any time.

Ownership over the lent securities passes from lender to borrower. The borrower has certain rights, for example the right to sell or lend to another borrower, attend AGMs. The borrower is entitled to economic benefits for example dividends, but the SBL agreement with the lender will oblige the borrower to make [“manufacture”] equivalent payments back to the lender. A lender of securities no longer owns them and has no entitlement to vote. Lenders reserve the right to recall securities from the borrower and must exercise this option if they wish to vote.

Benefits of SLB

  • It promotes market efficiency and liquidity and reduces market volatility by reducing bid/offer spread and increasing bid/offer depth.
  • SLB allows price discovery and the arbitrage of pricing inefficiencies.
  • SLB also supports the development of the capital markets by facilitating various investment strategies, use for fail coverage to ensure smooth settlement cycles and provides a lender incremental return to a portfolio.

For information on how to trade on the market and its products, download the “How to Trade on DFM and Nasdaq Dubai” and the “DFM and Nasdaq Dubai Products & Services” online guides, or visit DFM Customer Service, DFM Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai, or a DFM-licensed or Nasdaq Dubai-licensed brokerage

DFM Borrowing & Lending Agents:

The following brokerage firms/ custodian had been licensed to SLB operation:


Brokerage Firm/ Custodian Name

Primary Contact Name & Details

Secondary Contact Name & Details



 National Bank of Abu Dhabi (NB01)

Mr. Anthony Pedley

Tel #: 02-6161825

Mobile #: 056-6851644

Fax #: 02-6228195

e-mail: Tony.Pedley@nbad.com

Mr. Khaled Khadr

Tel #: 02-6161907

Mobile #: 050-6413656

Fax #: 02-6228195

e-mail: Khaled.khadr@nbad.com

For more information about SLB General Procedures and SLB Rules, Please click on the below: