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01 january 2014
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DFM Organizational Structure

In 2010, the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) made changes to its organizational structure to better serve the evolving needs of its stakeholders and meet international best practices. The DFM is 80% owned by Borse Dubai, its holding company and 20% owned by the public.

As a publicly listed company, the DFM has a Board of Directors and Committees which emanate from the Board of Directors driving greater transparency and efficiency across the business in terms of shari’a compliance, internal control and auditing. There are 6 major divisions at the DFM which are focused upon delivering the strategic objectives of the business: Clearing, Settlement and Depository (CSD) Division, Operations Division, Corporate Services Division, Business Development Division, Financial Services Division and Human Resources & Strategic Planning Division.

View profiles of the Division heads and key divisional functions here. 

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