Al Safwa Listing

Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Al Noaimi, Chairman of Al Safwa Islamic Financial Services rang the market bell to celebrate the listing of company’s shares on the “Second Market” of Dubai Financial Market (DFM), in the presence of His Excellency Essa Kazim, Chairman of DFM as well as senior representatives from both sides.

It is worth noting that AlSafwa Islamic Financial Services has listed its shares on 26 November 2015, as the first private joint stock company on the “Second Market” of DFM.

His Excellency Essa Kazim has welcomed the listing of AlSafwa Islamic Financial Services and said, “The “Second Market” represents significant value for businesses and investors alike as it enables investors to trade on private companies’ shares within a regulated and advanced environment and through the electronic trading system. The listing also enables private companies that play an integral role in the economic activity, to avail various benefits of being a listed company.”

Sheikh Abdulaziz Bin Humaid Al Noaimi said, “The listing will further reinforce the company’s position locally and regionally in order to carry on with our development plans as well as attracting broader investor base in line with the company’s ambitious plans to expand its activities in the local and regional markets.”

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