DFM AGM 2014


The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) “PJSC” shareholders approved the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for the fiscal year ending December 31st 2013, during the Ordinary Annual General Meeting held on March 3rd 2014, and headed by HE/ Essa AbdulFattah Kazim, Chairman of the company.

DFM shareholders also ratified the Board of Director’s report on the company’s performance and its financial position for the fiscal year ending December 31st 2013, the external auditor’s report and the Sharia’a and Fatwa Supervisory Board report. DFM Company shareholders also ratified the board’s suggestion of a cash dividend of 5% of the capital to AED 399.8 million, which represents 140% of the net profit in 2013.

The shareholders also appointed the External Auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) for the fiscal year 2014 and determined their professional fees, in addition to discharging members of the Board of Directors and the External Auditors from their liabilities for the fiscal year ending December 31st 2013.

According to the Fatwa and Shari’a Supervisory Board report, the Zakat of shares’ for the year 201 3 is AED 6.51 for every 1000 shares. The Board urged shareholders to submit this Zakat as per their shareholdings.

It is noteworthy that the Dubai Financial Market (PJSC) recorded a net profit of AED 284.6 million for the year 2013, compared to AED 35.2 million in 2012. Total revenues reached to AED 453.1 million at the end of 2013, compared to AED 191 million in 2012. The total revenue comprised AED 400 million of operational revenues and AED 53.1 million of investment revenues and others.

DFM was the second best-performing exchange globally in 2013. The DFM General Index recorded a phenomenal growth rate of 107.7% and the daily average of trading value significantly increased by 231.8% to AED 642.1 million compared to AED 193.5 million in 2012. The total traded value also increased in 2013 by 229.1% to AED 159.9 billion, in comparison to AED 48.6 billion during 2012.


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