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DFM Corporate Governance 

Proceeding from the DFM’s deeply rutted believes that compliance with the rules and standards of corporate governance contributes mainly to the creation of sustainable value for the shareholder as well as to preserve the interests of others such as employees, customers, suppliers, and society as a whole, Board of directors seeks to provide the leadership and strategic control and oversight and regulatory appropriate environment, as well as the integrity and responsibility commitment, in the implementation of all the activities, and the application of the highest standards of corporate governance as a basis to fulfill its responsibilities towards the company.

In compliance with the Ministerial Decree No. 518 for 2009 concerning Governance Rules and Corporate Discipline standards, DFM management company has prepared a set of controls and the approved rules to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance. This governance framework in the market includes:

  • The affairs of the Board of Directors, including the composition of the Board, the selection of members, the role of the Chairman and members, as well as the Board's role in overseeing the executive departments.
  • Board Committees (Audit Committee, the Nomination and Remuneration Committee, the Investment Committee).
  • Remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors.
  • General Assemblies.
  • System of internal control and risk management.
  • External audit includes appointment of auditor, the scope of activity, and independence.
  • Disclosure and transparency.
  • Communicate with shareholders.
  • The rules of professional conduct.

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