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This page contains the official Circulars in addition to Regulation, Rules and Procedures which is related to Dubai Clear. For the latest circulars, please refer to the below:

Dubai Clear Circulars:

 Issue Date Title
06/05/2021Resolution No DClear/2021/6 Financial Settlement for Eid Al Fitr Holiday 1442/2021
11/04/2021Resolution No DClear/2021/5 Update Bank Guarantee Template for Dubai Clear
11/04/2021Resolution No. DClear/2021/4 Amendment to the Securities Lending & Borrowing Fees
14/03/2021Resolution No. DClear/2021/3 Amendment to PCCP system password policy
07/02/2021 Resolution No. DClear/2021/2 Update of Dubai Clear Policies
01/02/2021Resolution No. DClear/2021/1 Requirement for Proposed Change of Clearing Member Name
26/11/2020Resolution No. DClear/2020/9 Financial Statements for Commemoration Day and 49th National Day Holiday
0811/2020Resolution No. DClear/2020/8 Concerning Derivatives Fees
27/10/2020Resolution No DClear/2020/7 Financial Settlement for the Prophet's Birthday Holiday 1442/2020
12/10/2020Resolution No. DClear/2020/6 Concerning Derivatives Clearing and Settlement
18/08/2020Resolution No. DClear/2020/5 Financial Settlement for New Hijri Year Holiday 1442/2020
27/07/2020Resolution No. DClear/2020/4 Financial Settlement for Eid Al Adha

Resolution No. Dclear/2020/3 Concerning Maintenance of Adequate Collateral for Margin Requirements by Clearing Members

21/05/2020Resolution No. (DClear/2020/2) Financial Settlement for Eid AlFitr Holiday 2020

Resolution No. (DCCP/1 for 2020) Amendment and Replacement of all previous circulars concerning Clearing and Settlement