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01 january 2014
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Clearing, Settlement and Depository (CSD)

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) operates a fully integrated securities market service of trading, clearing and settlement, and central securities depository. In addition to the functions of a stock exchange, DFM is also both the Clearing House and the Central Securities Depository for the Dubai securities market for products listed and traded on the DFM. These products are stocks and bonds.

The Clearing, Settlement and Depository (CSD) safe-keeps the securities listed in the market through shouldering of several responsibilities and duties mostly centered on the close business relationship between the CSD and the listed companies, on the one hand, and through the administration, safe custody, registration, depositing, and transfer of ownership of securities either immediately as a result of sale and purchase transactions in the market, or transfers outside the trading ground, on the other. This is in addition to the settlement of the securities traded in the market by settlement of the net amount payable and collection from licensed brokers through the accredited Settlement Bank.