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01 january 2014
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DFM Online Subscription Platform

DFM iVESTOR Cardholders and Participating Banks

There are multiple channels available to subscribe to the Dubai Islamic Bank Rights Issue:


Note: The Rights Issue has a pre-set validity and inevitably loses its value if the owners do not subscribe to the capital increase shares. 

Rights Issue

RI Trading Periods:
16th May 2018 to 30th May 2018

RI Subscription Periods:
23rd May 2018 to 6th June 2018

For inquiries please call: + 971 4 2075 454 or email: investorrelations@dib.ae

How to subscribe to the Dubai Islamic Bank Rights Issue on DFM

Subscribe through DFM

Subscribe with your DFM iVESTOR Card or debit your Bank Account via UAE Central Bank Payment Gateway using  DFM eIPO page (DFM Smart Services App or www.dfm.ae)

You will need:

  1. An iVESTOR Card which is activated and has sufficient funds

  2. Your Username and Password for DFM eServices. (If you are not registered,register here)
Step 1: Submit Online Application

  1. Login to the eIPO link from the DFM website using the same registered Username and Password for eServices

  2. Complete the subscription form online

  3. Select where you want your shares to be held (within your Broker or DFM CSD)

  4. Enter number of shares

  5. Submit the Application

Step 2: Subscription is processed

  1. Payment is processed through your iVESTOR Card or Bank Account

  2. An email confirmation will be sent to you

  3. If rejected due to insufficient funds, you can re-apply within the subscription period after ensuring sufficient funds are available

Step 3: Receive Allocation Notification

  1. An SMS and email notification will be sent to you with the share allocation details

  2. Any refunds will be credited to your iVESTOR Card or Bank Account

PARticipating Banks1

Ensure you have your DFM Investor Number (NIN) with you:

  1. If you do not have your Investor Number (NIN) to hand, please call DFM Customer Services on +971 4 305 5555 or email customerservice@dfm.ae

  2. If you have not applied for a NIN before, please complete the NIN Investor Number Request Form and submit supporting documentation to DFM or your broker.
Step 1: Complete Application Form

  1. Complete the Application Form

  2. Gather required identification documents listed in the Application Form (within the Terms & Conditions, page 2)

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Step 2: Submit Application

  1. In person at any of the Dubai Islamic Bank Branches

  2. Alternatively, you can submit via email to: investorrelations@dib.ae or send an authorized representative to submit the application at any of the Dubai Islamic Bank Branches

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International investors (non-iVESTOR) can use the UAE Fund Transfer System (FTS)

Investors who choose to use the UAE FTS method are required to submit a valid DFM Investor Number (NIN), the Number of Shares subscribing for, Name of the Investor, and Name of Broker in the special instructions field.
Funds transfer via:UAE Central Bank                  
Bank Name:Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC
Beneficiary A/C Name:Dubai Islamic Bank PJSC - Rights Issue
Account Number:997108031350627
Reference field to include:       DIB Rights Issue 2018 - DFM NIN, Number of Shares, Name of the Investor, Name of Broker

Also, please ensure to email a scanned copy of each of the following documents to: investorrelations@dib.ae 

- Valid Passport
- National ID (if applicable)
- Remittance Receipt
- Please also attach the completed Application Form and Terms & Conditions (ensuring to sign and initial both pages)