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How to Subscribe to IPOs

IPOs can be subscribed using multiple channels, primary channels to subscribe to an IPO are:

Subscribing via DFM App

The app will guide you through the IPO process and to obtain a DFM Investor Number (NIN) if you do not already have one.

You will be able to pay for the subscription through:

  • A DFM iVESTOR Card, which is activated and has sufficient funds;
  • Use your Bank Account to subscribe online through the UAE Central Bank payment gateway (on DFM app); or
  • Make a direct transfer to the specified bank account number

Download the DFM App

Subscribing online via the DFM IPO Subscription Platform

The IPO platform is accessible here or on the subscription button above, the subscription through the IPO Platform will be open during the subscription period only.

To subscribe online, you will need to have the following:

  • An active DFM Investor Number (NIN) (can be obtained in 3 minutes with DFM app)
  • A DFM iVESTOR Card (if preferred as payment method) which is activated and has sufficient funds, or use your Bank Account to subscribe online through the UAE Central Bank payment gateway

IPO Platform

Subscribing through the receiving banks

To subscribe at participating banks, please ensure you have an active DFM Investor Number (NIN) and refer to the information outlined in the Company’s prospectus including the participating banks, various bank subscription methods and list of bank branches.

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View the list of receiving banks

Subscribing through brokers

You can contact the following brokers directly to subscribe.

efg bhm alramz emirates-islamic-logo

For more information on IPO Subscription

Download the FAQs on How to subscribe to an IPO

Disclaimer: Neither DFM, the Founders, the Board, the Lead Receiving Bank nor the iVESTOR Card issuing bank shall in anyway be liable for the use of the electronic subscription facility by the Subscriber nor the debiting of the iVESTOR Card by the iVESTOR Card issuing bank, in respect of all and any losses or damages suffered, directly or indirectly as a result of the electronic subscription facility and/or the iVESTOR Card. This disclaimer appears on the DFM website at www.dfm.ae and shall be considered an integral part of this section.

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