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01 january 2014
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Foreign Ownership

There are varying foreign ownership limits (FOL) for companies listed on the DFM. The below table outlines the actual owned versus permitted foreign investment percentage holdings.

Explore our newly enhanced Foreign Ownership webpage in beta version here.NEW
Updated features:
  • Re-grouping of the categories to include three nationality types: 'National', 'GCC', 'Foreign'; as such the 'Arab' group is now included within 'Foreign'.
  • New column added showing the percentage 'Available' to own or allowed to trade.
  • Search by date for historical information (from 5th February 2019).

The below table will be updated to the new version from Sunday 17th February 2019.

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  • Ownership percentage is subject to change based on several reasons including the following:
    1. Trading activity.
    2. Off-Market Transactions such as family and inheritance transfers.
    3. Changes in the nationality status of investors.
    4. Securities deposits and withdrawals to and from DFM for Dual listed companies.
    5. Capital increase by issuing new shares to a strategic investor.
    6. Converting Bonds into shares.
    7. Equity added to the equity of the associated group.
    8. Direct Deals.


Percentages are updated daily after 4 pm