Equity Instruments

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) operates as a secondary market for the trading of equities and other instruments issued by public shareholding companies and government or semi-government entities, whether based in the UAE or overseas.

The DFM listed equities represent a broad range of economic sectors including leading companies from the real estate and construction, banking, transportation, investment and financial services, insurance, telecommunications, consumer staples sectors and more.

DFM is actively working with companies across various sectors to expand the sector base, to mirror the growing economic diversity of the UAE and ultimately provide an even greater choice of securities for investors. View the current list of equities available on the DFM, including Nasdaq Dubai listed securities here.

The following categories of equities are currently provided by the DFM:


A share represents ownership of a company. For example, if you purchase 1,000 shares in a company, you are a part-owner or shareholder of the company. The performance of the company can often be measured by the amount of dividends shareholders receive and the price value of the shares quoted on the stock market. Shares are also commonly referred to as ‘stocks’. The most common types of shares are ordinary shares. Other types of shares include preference shares or rights shares. A company can list its shares on a stock exchange. Such listed shares can then be traded on the stock exchange.

There are ownership limits for companies listed on the DFM. Please view the ‘Foreign Ownership’ details here. 

Dual Listed Shares

A share of a company which is listed and traded in more than one stock exchange. For example, the Gulf Finance House listed on the DFM is also listed on the Bahrain Stock Exchange.

For more information download the “DFM and Nasdaq Dubai Products & Services” online guide, or visit DFM Customer Service, DFM Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai, or a DFM-licensed or Nasdaq Dubai-licensed brokerage

Other financial instruments

DFM continues to work closely with its regulator, the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to diversify the financial instruments available and to provide an even wider choice of asset classes as investment opportunities, in order to meet the evolving needs of investors. Other financial instruments which are currently being developed include ETFs, Securities Lending & Borrowing (SLB), Market Maker, Short-Selling, Mutual Funds, Rights Issues and Covered Warrants.