Frequently asked questions

Equity Futures

What are Equity Futures?

What is the difference between Equities and Futures?

What are the benefits of trading in Equity Futures?

How can I identify between Equities and Futures in DFM? 

How do I interpret the Futures Symbol?

How can I start trading in DFM Equity Futures?

Do I need a NIN to trade DFM Equity Futures? 

What currencies are DFM Equity Futures traded in?

Who can trade DFM Equity Futures?

What are the trading hours for DFM Equity Futures?

Can non-UAE nationals trade?

Is short selling allowed?

Are there any Foreign Ownership Limits (FOL)?

Do I get cash dividends by holding Futures contracts? 

What is the role of a Market Maker?

How are Equity Futures Contracts settled?

What happens on the expiry date of the future?

What happens if I don’t close my position on the last trading day?

Can an investor buy or sell a Futures contract before expiry?

What are the risks involved in trading Futures?

What do the terms ‘Long’ and ‘Short’ mean?

How does DFM structure the contracts for Equity Futures?

What do you mean by ‘Contract Size’?

What is the ‘Initial Margin’?

What is the ‘Variation Margin’?

What ‘Open Interest’ means?

What is the ‘Expiration Day’?

How Equity Future Contracts are traded on the Market’?

What an Investor should be aware of before trading in Equity Futures?

Can I conduct depository transactions such as transfers and pledge on DFM Equity Futures products?

Will my Dubai CSD Investor Statement show Futures trades?

Will investors receive SMS from DFM for Futures trades?

Can a Court approach Dubai CSD to freeze the DFM Futures?

Is DVP settlement applicable for DFM Equity Futures trades?