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iVESTOR Card Application APPLY for your FREE iVESTOR Card to receive your dividends instantly*.
According to SCA Resolution No 2/2015 all cash dividends via Cheque are discontinued.
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Simply complete the Cash Dividend Request Form and submit via:

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iVESTOR is an innovative solution for investors to instantly receive any due dividends from DFM listed companies directly into their iVESTOR card.


This was in response to the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) Resolution No. (28/R) of 2010 and No. 2 of 2015 

What is unique about the iVESTOR Card?

The technology used for the iVESTOR card means investors no longer have to wait for dividend cheques or have the hassle of depositing cheques into their bank accounts, as the funds are instantly deposited electronically in the card, enabling investors to withdraw and top up further funds from anywhere in the world via VISA and PLUS marked ATM machines, as well as make retail and online purchases.

iVESTOR cardholders can register and subscribe to IPO’s executed by DFM as well as register and vote at General Meetings using the card.

How and where can you use the card?

How and where can you use the card?

DFM Smart Services App     iVESTOR Card Control via DFM Smart Services App


  • Activate or de-activate the card on-demand by auto-disabling the card after a specific time

  • Enable or disable ATM cash withdrawals, Point of Sale (POS), and online purchases

  • Set limits on cash withdrawals for UAE and overseas transactions

  • Manage your card transactions by type of purchase or country

  • Track your spend on a monthly or yearly basis

DFM Smart Services App

How to apply for iVESTOR

 Individual Investors   Individual Investors* DFM Issuers  DFM Issuers
If you wish to receive cash dividends via iVESTOR card, please fill the Cash Dividends Request Form and submit with the appropriate documentation, via one of the following options:
Please contact the below details for further information:
  1. Online via eServices
  2. Client Services Affairs department, CSD, Dubai Financial Market, Trading Floor, Dubai World Trade Centre.
  3. DFM Broker (see Brokerage Firms)
Financial Services Division:
 * For new investors please complete the Investor Number Request Form

iVESTOR User Guide

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Please Activate your card

For inquiries, please contact DFM Customer Services:
T: +971 4 305 5555
E: customerservice@dfm.ae

Click here to find the nearest ENBD ATM that support DFM's iVESTOR card.