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Transfer of Securities from Different Accounts

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Transferring securities from one account to another as per the request of the local custodian, according to the below classifications:

  • A. Transfer of securities to custody account or vice versa without change in beneficiary owner
  • B. Moving clients between local custodians without change in beneficiary owner
  • C. Moving clients between local and global custodians together, without change in beneficiary owner 

  • A.  AED   10 for each company
  • B. AED 300 for each company
  • C. AED 600 for each company

  • Custodian requests transfer of securities:
    • A) Dubai CSD receives a transfer request, to be signed and certified by the custodian(s) in case the investor moves from one custodian to another
    • B) Dubai CSD receives the instructions of the global custodian (s) in case the investor moves from one custodian to another, signed by the local custodian
    • C) Dubai CSD receives the investor’s instructions in case the investor moves from a direct account to a custody account, or if there is no global custodian for this investor. The instructions are to be certified by the local custodian
  • Dubai CSD ensures that all requirements are in order along with supporting documents
  • Dubai CSD ensures the application in the system and approves it (within two working days)

Required Documents
  • Fill Custodians Transfers form by local custodian(s)
  • Attach global custodian's instruction (if any)
  • Attach letter from investor signed (in case of moving into/out of custody)
  • Attaching a copy of the Memorandum of Association, valid Commercial License and the Commercial Register of investor (in case of corporate)
  • Attaching a copy of valid Passport and ID of investor (in case of individuals)

How to Apply?
Online through Dubai CSD eServices


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