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Registration of Ownership Movements

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Registration of ownership movements based on assignment deed of securities from one investor to another.

AED 0.00275 of the agreed value from each party, minimum AED 200 from both parties per transaction

  1. Completing the "Assignment Deed of Securities Ownership" form. It is to be signed by both the transferor and transferee and approved by the company, and the necessary supporting documents attached to it.
  2. Receiving all requirements of effecting a transfer (the form, supporting documents and fees), noting that an updated DFM Investor Number (NIN) of both the transferoror and transferee is needed.
  3. Paying the transfer fees.
  4. Issuing a receipt for the fees.
  5. Entering the application into the system.
  6. Approving the application (within 2 working days).

Required Documents
  • Complete the assignment deed and have it approved by the company
  • Enclosing the original shares certificate (if not submitted earlier), noting that some companies did not issue shares certificate, in such case this requirement is waived
  • Paying the assignment fees
  • Supporting official ID documents concerning the assignor and assignee.
  • A Certified Power of Attorney copy in case of appointing an attorney to sign on behalf of either part, and that is along with the authorized signature form certified by a trading member/local bank (For Power of Attorneys issued abroad, it is to be certified by the relevant authorities and the UAE embassy in those countries).
  • Ensure that the agreed on price is not less than the par value. If so, should enclose an official confirmation letter/email issued by the authorized person in the company to confirm the current market price. Noting that the agreed on price is not less than the current market price.

How to Apply?
Online through DFM eServices or in person at Dubai CSD, Investor Affairs, World Trade Centre, Dubai