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01 january 2014
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Special Deals

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Special Deal transactions are executed outside the DFM Trading Floor through the Clearing, Settlement and Depository Division for trades that value AED 10 Million and above. This process is subject to the DFM’s Executive Chairman or his deputy's approval.
There are 2 Types of Special Deal

* Special Deal with Cash Settlement for Custodian Clients
* Special Deal without Cash Settlement for Custodian and regular retails

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Clearing & Settlement
T: +971 4 305 5555 (Call Center)
E: clearing&Settlement@dfm.ae


Special Deal fee is 0.000275 in the case of Bonds / Sukuk and 0.00275 for Shares from each party and calculated as follows:

  • Bonds / Sukuk: Number of units*(unit value/100)*market value or higher*deal fees
  • Shares: Number of shares*Closing Price*deal fees

For Government, semi- Government entity or institutions and entities to which Government has a percentage of ownership, the special deal fees is as below: Special deal fee is 0.0001 in case of bonds and 0.001 in case of shares for the buyer and 0.0001 in case of bonds and 0.001 in case of shares for the seller

  1. The special Deal Parties will apply the request through DFM e-Services Portal
  2. DFM will receive and review the request
  3. After DFM internal approval, DFM will request the Special Deal Parties (Buyer & Seller) to pay the Fees

Required Documents
  1. Apply the Special Deal request through DFM e-Services.
  2. Attach the signed copy of the Forms for Companies & Custodians request.
  3. For Special Deal with Cash Settlement
  • Apply the request through DFM e-Services Portal
  • Buyer should deposit the deal value in DFM AC with Emirates NBD Bank, so DFM can move them to Seller's AC

How to Apply?
Online through DFM eServices