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01 january 2014
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Audit Confirmation Letter

Service ID

The Clearing, Settlement and Depository Division sends an official letter to the relevant auditors, advising them of the number of securities the investor owns at the specified date, as per the investor’s request.

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Customer Services
T: +971 4 305 5555
E: customerservice@dfm.ae

AED 100 per investor

  1. The investor submits a request through eServices conveying the investor’s interest to know the number of securities they own, up to a specified date, and pay the fees with the application.
  2. The letter will be prepared once payment is made and submitted to the referred auditor by post, fax, and email (specified by the investor).

Required Documents
Official Request submission from the investor in eService.

How to Apply?
Online through DFM eServices