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01 january 2014
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Judicial Transfer

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Transfer Judicial Order from Court.


0.002 (two per thousand) from the shares market value, minimum AED 25. (No. of shares*market value*rate)

  1. CompleteTransfer of Securities Form and Investor Signature Form
  2. Attach the required documents along with the Form
  3. Client Services Affairs Department will issue a voucher with the fees required to be paid by the investor
  4. An SMS will be sent to the Transferor & Transferee after the transfer is approved

Notes :

  • Updated Investor Number in DFM for both the Transferor & Transferee
  • Ensure that the transferred shares are available in the CSD account of the Transferor
  • The signature on the form should be authenticated by an accredited bank, a licensed broker at DFM, a listed company at DFM, or by your personal presence at DFM

Required Documents

  • Completed Transfer of Securities Form and Investor Signature Form
  • Valid copy of Passport /National ID of the Transferee & Transferor
  • Valid Copy of Family Book or Marasoom for (for UAE Nationals & Residents)
  • True copy of Judicial Order Letter to transfer the securities
  • Any document issued from other countries must be authenticated by the official authorities and the UAE Embassy in those countries

  • How to Apply?
    • Submit the form in person at the DFM Client Services Affairs Department, Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai, or