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01 january 2014
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Transfer From Partner to Company & Vice Versa

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Transferring securities from a company account to the account of a partner or vice versa.


1- Family Partners - Up to 2nd degree kinship: (Charged to the Transferee only)

0.002 (two per thousand) from the shares market value, minimum AED 25. (No. of shares*market value*rate)


2- Common Partners: (Charged to Transferee only)

0.004 (five per thousand) from the shares market value, minimum AED 50. (No. of shares*market value*rate)

  1. CompleteTransfer of Securities Form and Investor Signature Form
  2. Attach the required documents along with the Form
  3. Client Services Affairs Department will issue a voucher with the fees required to be paid by the investor

Notes :

  • Updated Investor Number in DFM for both the Transferor & Transferee
  • Ensure that the transferred shares are available in the CSD account of the Transferor
  • Investor’s specimen signature affixed on either the Investor Number Request Form must be certified by one of the following :

    1. DFM staff at DFM Client Services Affairs Desk
    2. Licensed Brokerage Firm at Dubai Financial Market
    3. An accredited Bank in UAE licensed by UAE Central Bank
    4. Notary Public and UAE embassy in foreign countries or by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Required Documents

  • Attach “ Transfer of Securities Form and Investor Signature Form
  • Valid Copy of Passport /National ID of the partners/partner/authorized signatory.
  • True copy of a valid Trade Licensee, Commercial Registration & Memorandum of Association
  • Authorized signatory letter issued by the company, duly authenticated.
  • Copy of Power of attorney “if any “The representative must be fully authorized to transfer securities
  • Any document issued from other countries must be authenticated by the official authorities and the UAE Embassy in those countries

  • How to Apply?
    • In person at the DFM Client Services Affairs Department, Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai, or