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01 january 2014
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Cash Dividends Payment Method

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Investors can submit a request via DFM eServices at www.dfm.aeor through the DFM Smart Services App.

The investor should select their preferred payment method of receiving his/her future cash dividends.

The two available options for selecting the payment method are:

1) iVESTOR Card

2) Bank Transfer

The investor can receive the unclaimed dividends by updating their payment method. Any unclaimed dividends will be transfer to the selected payment method.


Free of Charge 


To submit the request via DFM eServices:

1. Register to DFM eServices at DFM WebsiteorDFM Smart Services App

2. Login with the username and password

3. Select the eFORMS tab

4. Choose the form

5. Fill the required information

6. Click ‘Submit’


Alternatively, the investor can submit the request at DFM Client Services Affairs Desk, in person:

  1. Complete the Cash Dividends Services Form to be signed by the investor
  2. Attach required documents
  3. Submit the Form with the required documents to the Client Services Affairs Department
  4. In case the selected payment method is iVESTOR Card, the Card will be issued by the Client Services Affairs Department and delivered by:

- For the address inside UAE - by courier and the investor will be notify by SMS prior to delivery.
- For the address outside UAE – by registered post.

Required Documents
  • Complete Cash Dividends Services Form and signed by the investor or representative (if any).
  • Valid Copy of the Passport
  • Valid Copy of the National ID (for UAE Nationals and Residents only)


  • In case the selected payment method is Bank Transfer:
    • Bank Statement or Certified Bank Letter Mentioning clearly the IBAN (Joint Accounts are not accepted)
  • The signature on the form should match the authenticated signature in Dubai Financial Market
  • In case of guardian (other than father): true copy of guardianship order issued by the court
  • In case of representative: true copy of a duly authenticated and valid Power of Attorney
  • Any document issued from other countries must be authenticated by the official authorities and the UAE Embassy in those countries

How to Apply?
Online through DFM eServices or in person at the DFM Client Affairs Department, Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai


Yes, you can apply for an iVESTOR card and also select your preferred mode of payment for receiving any due dividends, i.e. either by crediting to your iVESTOR card account, your Bank Account or by cheque payment.
You can cancel your iVESTOR card by completing the iVESTOR Card Services Form and submitting by email to dividendservices@dfm.ae or by fax to +971 4 305 5189.
Dividends will be deposited to your iVESTOR card account only for listed companies who decide to distribute dividends using DFM as the paying agent.
For lost cards, please contact DFM iVESTOR Card Services on +971 4 305 5555, select option 3. For replacement of card, please complete the iVESTOR Card Services Form and submit by email to dividendservices@dfm.ae or by fax to +971 4 305 5189.