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Trading Member Reports

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Obtaining a report concerning the details of the securities showing the type, details and date of obtaining the report as per the Trading Member request.

  1. Preparing and printing reports upon request (AED 200 for the first 20 pages and AED 20 for any additional page provided the maximum is AED 15,000).
  2. Preparation of electronic reports upon request (AED 0.5 per investor\ transaction\ account in the report, the minimum is AED 300 and the maximum is AED 10,000).
  3. Generation of a daily trading report upon official request (AED 2,000 per year).
  4. Preparation of electronic trade details  report (buy & sell) transactions executed on investor’s account with the brokerage company during specific period (AED 100 per investor (per year).
  5. Preparation of electronic net fees report (AED 0.5 per order in the report, the minimum is AED 300 and the maximum is AED 10,000).  
  6. Prepare and print corporate action securities distributions statement of investor’s account with the broker (AED 100 per company).

  • Trading member submits a request through the eService Portal
  • Dubai CSD sends report to Trading member
  • Dubai CSD Sends invoice to Trading member

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How to Apply?
Online through eServices


The Market Operations department can extract daily reports about the trading movements of a brokerage company and their investors upon their request (submitted via letter or email.)These reports are subject to fees that depend on the amount of data required.
The Market Operations department provides a Daily Bulletin report at the end of each day after trading hours. These bulletins indicate daily trading activities and are available on the DFM website. You can view all bulletins here