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Dubai CSD provides a Conversions service for execution based on a number of reasons, which result in requests of shares deposit to the investor accounts or shares transfer from one account to another, such as:

  1. Conversion of Bonds / Sukuk to Shares
  2. Conversion of Depository Receipts to Shares
  3. Other conversion schemes Dubai CSD may approve from time to time

  • AED 25. (minimum of AED 25,000 and maximum of AED 500,000 per transfer)

  • An official correspondence indicating the general framework of the procedure to be sent to Dubai CD, specifying the conversion requested. 
  • The correspondence will be proceeded prior to the meetings coordinated in this regard. 
  • Dubai CSD will obtain the necessary approvals for the execution of the conversion.

Required Documents

The below approvals are required:

  1. Approval of the Central Bank
  2. Approval of the Ministry of Economy
  3. Approval of the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA)
  4. Any other approvals that may be requested at the time

How to Apply?
Online through Dubai CSD eServices or in person at the Investor Affairs Department, Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai