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Listing Public Joint Stock Companies

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This service allows public companies to request listing their funds at DFM by applying for the fund license from DFM. In turn, DFM will perform auditing on the available requirements in terms of issuing the approval for the company's profile to be listed at DFM. 

The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) approval is required for this service.

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Customer Services
T: +971 4 305 5555
E: customerservice@dfm.ae

  • Application fees to list a company: AED 2,000 per application to be paid to SCA

  • Listing fee of a company with a capital of AED 500 million or less: AED 30,000

  • Listing fee of a company with a capital of more than AED 500 million up to AED 2 billion: AED 50,000

  • Listing fee of a company with a capital exceeding AED 2 billion: AED 100,000

  1. The company should complete and submit the request of listing funds at DFM and fulfill all requirements in terms of enabling the fund to be listed at DFM

  2. The Listing and Disclosure Department at DFM will review the company's application form and reply back to the requesting company whether the application is accepted or returned to fulfill the necessary requirements and resubmit the request within a time-frame of 1 week

  3. Once the application has fulfilled all the requirements, the DFM Listing and Disclosure team will transfer the request to the Securities and Commodities Authority to check and approve it within a maximum time-frame of 30 days

  4. The requesting company must pay the required listing fees once the approval is obtained (T+1)

  5. Listing date will be specified (T+1)

Required Documents

Ensure the availability of all the documents required for the listing process:

  1. Names of the individuals to follow up with any listing issues either from the company or through a delegation letter to the entity assigned, mentioning contact details
  2. Original listing request
  3. A copy of the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) license Certificate of Shares listing
  4. Copy of the documents attached to the listing request in the Securities and Commodities Authority
  5. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  6. A copy of the business license
  7. A copy of the Commercial Register (if any)
  8. A list with the authorized persons to sign documents and correspondence addressed to DFM and their signatures pattern along with the board of director decree of authorization
  9. A list with associates, subsidiaries and affiliates, includes the percentage of ownership and the founders names
  10. Details of investments in any other public joint stock companies in UAE (which was not mentioned in the previous clause) including percentage of ownership
  11. A list of the company’s branches
  12. A list of the names of all board members and CEOs, stating the securities owned by each one of them and by their first-degree relatives. First-degree relatives’ names must be stated such as: Parents, spouses and children – according to the passport, stating the securities they own based on DFM management requirements.
  13. Restrictions on transfer of the shares in the company
  14. The prospectus or information bulletin
  15. Copies of the board of directors members and CEOs passports plus copies of the family registration for citizens
  16. Company’s slogan and the fiscal data for the last 2 years and the interim for the last quarter, in electronic format
  17. A message in English to define the trading code in English, with no more than 10 characters 
  18. Name of the person or the authorized entity for the company’s disclosures and their contact details
  19. Investor Numbers (NIN) in the DFM for the board of directors members and CEO's
  20. Please attach any other relevant documents. In addition to the conditions mentioned above, the applicant company for listing should abide to any conditions stated by the Securities and Commodities Authority or DFM, or any other documents of information requested by the Authority or DFM. The board of directors’ members and the CEOs of the public shareholding company together and solely, are committed to be fully responsible for the accuracy and completion of the information provided to DFM. DFM is not to be held responsible for the accuracy of any information or statements or views provided to DFM in the prospectus (information bulletin). DFM listing to any company shall not be taken as evidence or an indication to this company’s or its commercial activities or stocks’ strength or worthiness. Therefore, DFM board of directors serves its rights to exempt a specific company from some of its conditions or listing requirements as well as the right to decline any listing request without any justification.

The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) approval is required for this service.

How to Apply?
Through email to (Listing@dfm.ae , Disclosure@dfm.ae) or in person at the DFM Listing and Disclosure Department, World Trade Centre, Dubai


A private company is one where its shares are not traded on a market. The transfer between shareholders can be executed by OTC “over the counter'" requests.