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Branch Closure of Brokerage Company

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For a Brokerage Company licensed on the DFM to close their offices in and outside of the DFM, the company must first apply to SCA. Upon approval, a Letter of Clearance is submitted by DFM to SCA in order to officially close all company branches inside and outside of the market. The firm needs to ensure that there are no pending obligations to the market.

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Members Affairs
T: +971 4 305 5631
E: mc@dfm.ae

AED 1,000 per request to DFM

  • The Brokerage Company must apply to SCA and follow their cancellation procedures
  • Upon approval, SCA submits a letter to the DFM stating that the brokerage company desires to close all of its branches inside and outside of the Dubai Financial Market
  • The DFM Members Affairs section will obtain the approval and written notifications from the Finance, Procurement and IT departments
  • DFM will send a Letter of Clearance to SCA, and a copy of the Letter to the Brokerage company attaching the outstanding fees invoice
  • Upon fulfilment of all obligations, the Brokerage Company branch will be closed

Required Documents
The Brokerage Company must apply to SCA and follow their cancellation procedures.

Visit www.sca.ae

How to Apply?
Contact SCA Licencing Department on: +971 2 612 0483 or email: Licensing@sca.ae