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01 january 2014
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Family Transfers

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Transferring securities from an investor account to another account, is exercised in the case of a family relationship up to the second degree. 

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Customer Services
T: +971 4 305 5555
E: customerservice@dfm.ae


0.002 (two per thousand) from the shares market value, minimum AED 25. (No. of shares*market value*rate)

  1. Complete the “Transfers of Securities Form” and “Investor Signature Form” to be signed.

  2. Submit the form with the required documents to the Client Affairs Department

  3. A Receipt will be issued and submitted to the investor of the transfer amount


  • Updated Investor Number in DFM for both the Transferor & Transferee
  • Ensure that the transferred shares are available in the CSD account of the Transferor

  • The signature on the form should be authenticated by an accredited bank, a licensed broker at DFM, a listed company at DFM, or by your personal presence at DFM

Required Documents
  1. Transfers of Securities Form and Investor Signature Form completed
  2. Original copy of a valid Passport
  3. Original copy of National ID (for UAE Nationals & Residents)
  4. Copy of any other document if required (e.g. Power of Attorney, Marriage Certificate)
  5. Original copy of Family Book or Marsoom for UAE Nationals.
  6. Original copy of Power of attorney if any* , the representative must be fully authorized to transfer securities

How to Apply?
Online through DFM eServices or in person at the DFM Client Affairs Department, Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai or through a broker.


Transferring shares between accounts of two different investors are permitted only if there is a 2nd degree kinship between the transferor and transferee.

Special Deals off the market are also permitted provided the value of shares of the deal is AED10,000,000 million and above.