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The General Assembly (Annual General) Meeting (AGM) of the company is considered as one of the most important annual events. This meeting gives the shareholders an overview of the company’s current projects and a summary on the financial performance of the company, endorsing the company’s targets and objectives and nominating new members to its board of directors.

The DFM provides an AGM management service to fulfil the listed companies AGM requirements.

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Financial Services
T: +971 4 305 5319
E: FinancialServices@dfm.ae

  • First Meeting Fees: 

It depends on the number of shareholders and according to a schedule stating these fees:

  1. Company Shareholders less than 5000:   AED 25,000
  2. Company Shareholders 5001 - 25000:   AED 35,000
  3. Company Shareholders 25001 - 50000:   AED 45,000
  4. Company Shareholders more than 50000:   AED 60,000

  • Second Meeting Fees (If adjourned) 
  1. Company Shareholders less than 5000:  AED 15,000
  2. Company Shareholders 5001 - 25000: AED 20,000
  3. Company Shareholders 25001 - 50000:  AED 25,000
  4. Company Shareholders more than 50000:  AED 30,000

Note: Other costs incurred by DFM or from third parties may apply.

  1. The financial services section is to be officially notified with the company’s desire to manage the AGM through DFM.
  2. The financial services section sends the AGM draft contract and verifies if the company desires to receive the AGM service along with the Dividend Distribution service and sign one contract to include both services.
  3. The contract is to be reviewed by the company to submit additional notes, if any.
  4. Accordingly, the contract is printed by the Financial Services division, for the DFM CEO to sign two copies and sent to the company for signature(s).
  5. A copy is returned to the DFM and the second copy the company keeps for their records
  6. A schedule including the following procedures and their dates of execution, is sent to the company prior to the AGM session:
  • Preparing invitations according to the company’s input for distribution to the shareholders
  • Announce the AGM Session in the media as stipulated by law
  • Make reservations in a suitable venue and coordinate with the company before the AGM to ensure a smooth and efficient outcome for the company
  • Register the attendees from the shareholders, manually or electronically through the iVESTOR Card
  • Equal vote (one vote for each attendee) and the balanced vote (for each attendee according to the shares he/she owns)
  • Electronic voting, voting using barcode system as well as manual voting, are all accepted
  • Results to be displayed on screens
  • Single vote (yes/no) and the multiple vote (select one item or more)
  • Sort the results in real-time
  • Announce the general and detailed results
  • Printed reports for the result and details of the vote

Required Documents
  • The contract signed between the company and DFM

How to Apply?
Contact DFM Financial Services at T: +971 4 305 5319 or E: FinancialServices@dfm.ae


A core objective of the DFM is to provide valuable services to its listed companies which will reduce their efforts and costs if they were to appoint a third party or manage internally, as many of the services are electronically available via eServices on the DFM website. Issuer services are categorized upon your needs and include Sharebook Services, Corporate Actions Services, AGM and EGM services, and many other services related to communications and investor relations. Please click here for the full list of issuer services.