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Share Book Registry Reports

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Dubai CSD provides the service of share book preparations for listed companies offering details of the shareholder registry in the listed companies that are managed by Dubai CSD as per the company's instructions. 

Dubai CSD updates the data concerning ownership of securities in the registry automatically as soon as any amendment/update requests are received from the investor or their representative.

Dubai CSD employees consider the utmost confidentiality of data and information concerning the decisions of the listed companies that may impact the price of their deposited securities, or trading in them, and not using this information and data to realize any personal gain either directly or indirectly.

  • Electronic share book: AED 1, minimum of AED 1,000 and maximum of AED 15,000 (per investor in the registry)
  • Hard copy: AED 200 for first 20 pages and AED 20 for any extra page, maximum of AED 20,000 


  1. The company requesting the service must send an official correspondence to the Dubai CSD to obtain the report, indicating the type and date of the report.
  2. Dubai CSD will generate and audit the report for the company.
  3. Fees will be calculated based on the type of report, and format of report i.e. CD, hard copy or via email, the invoice will be issued accordingly and sent to the company within 2 working days.  
  4. The company will be sent a confirmation letter from Dubai CSD along with the invoice. 

Required Documents

An official request from the company bearing the signature of the authorized signatory (if any)

How to Apply?
Online through DFM eServices or in person at the Dubai CSD Investor Affairs Department, Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai


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