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iVESTOR Card Subscriptions through DFM eIPO Platform

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Investors can subscribe online to IPOs and Rights Issues using their DFM iVESTOR Card via DFM eIPO Online Subscription webpage page or DFM Smart Services App (eIPO icon) during live subscription periods only. 

Free of Charge


Step 1: Complete Online Application:

  1. Login to the eIPO link from the DFM website using the same registered Username and Password for eServices
  2. Complete the subscription form online
  3. Select the payment method ‘iVESTOR Card’
  4. Select where you want your shares to be held (within your Broker or DFM CSD)
  5. Enter number of shares
  6. Submit the application

Step 2: Make the subscription payment:

  1. Complete the payment through your iVESTOR card
  2. An email confirmation will be sent to your registered email address with DFM

NB: If the application is rejected due to insufficient funds on your iVESTOR card, you can re-apply again within the subscription period after ensuring sufficient funds are available.

Step 3: Receive Allocation Notification

  1. An SMS and email notification will be sent to you with the share allocation details
  2. Any refunds will be credited to your iVESTOR card 

Required Documents
  1. An Active DFM investor Number (NIN)
  2. Active iVESTOR card and ensure you have sufficient funds in your Card
  3. A DFM eServices Username & Password to access the DFM eIPO online subscription platform

How to Apply?
Subscribe via www.dfm.ae or DFM Smart Services App and click on the banner link taking you to the DFM eIPO Online Subscription webpage live during the subscription period only.