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DFM Issuing Investor Number (Company/Institution/Bank/Fund/Trading member registered at DFM)

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Investors can submit a request via DFM eServices at www.dfm.ae or through the DFM Smart Services App.

A consolidated Investor number is issued on behalf of the company, to give them the eligibility to trade on DFM and Nasdaq Dubai securities.

Free of charge


To submit the request via DFM eServices:

1. Register to DFM eServices at DFM Website or DFM Smart Services App

2. Login with the username and password

3. Select the eFORMS tab

4.Select the form and complete it

5. Attach the required documents and click on 'Submit'

6. You will be notified by email once the status of the request is updated

Alternatively, you can submit the request to Investor Affairs at the Dubai CSD

  1. Complete the “Investor Number Request Form and have it  duly signed
  2. Submit the form along with the required documents to Investor Affairs Department
  3. An Investor Number will be issued instantly and provided to the authorized person
  4. An SMS will be sent with the NIN Number

Notes :

Investors signature must be certified by one of the following:

  1. Dubai CSD staff at Investor Affairs
  2. Licensed Trading Member at Dubai Financial Market
  3. An accredited Bank in UAE licensed by UAE Central Bank
  4. Notary Public and UAE Embassy in foreign countries or by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Required Documents
  • Completed Investor Number Request Form and have it duly signed by the Authorized Signatory
  • Valid copy of the Trade License and Commercial Register
  • True copy of the Memorandum of Association
  • A duly authenticated Authorized signatory letter issued by the company
  • Valid copy of the partners/authorized signatory valid Passport or Emirates National ID
  • Bank statement or certified bank letter, Bank account should be in the name of the company

In addition to specific documentation depending on:

If a Fund:

  • Inside the UAE: a duly authenticated license letter from the Central Bank
  • Outside the UAE: authenticated documents from the official authorities
If a Bank:
  • Inside the UAE: a duly authenticated license letter from the Central Bank
  • Outside the UAE: the authenticated documents from the official authorities
If a Trading Member registered at DFM,
  • Valid copy of Brokerage License from the UAE Securities Commodities Authority (SCA) or the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA).
  • An Official Letter issued from Market Operations Department at DFM that approves opening Investor Number at DFM.
If a Sole Proprietorship:
  • Letter of undertaking addressed to Dubai CSD stating that an Investor Number will not be opened under his/her personal name.
If a company and Institution licensed outside the UAE:
  • All Official Documents including but not limited to Trade License, Commercial Register and Memorandum of Association must be authenticated by UAE embassy in those countries or UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
If a Representative:
  • Valid copy of a duly authenticated Power of Attorney issued from the court or Notary Public
  • Valid copy of the representative’s Passport or Emirates National ID
  • A Power of Attorney issued from other countries must be authenticated by the official authorities and the UAE Embassy in those countries or by UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

How to Apply?
Submit your request via DFM eServices at or DFM Smart Services App. Alternatively, submit your request in person at the Investor Affairs, Department, Trading Floor, Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, or submit the request through your Trading Member.


Opening an Investor Number (NIN) is a free of charge service.