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01 january 2014
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Letter for Legal Accountant & Experts

Service ID

Statements and reports are issued for experts and auditors as per an official application submitted, on condition that a court order assigning the expert to inquire about the case is enclosed.

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Customer Services
T: +971 4 305 5555
E: customerservice@dfm.ae

AED 100 per letter

  1. The applicant to send the Clearing, Settlement and Depository department* an official request to issue the expert or the auditor a letter to which the court’s authorization is attached.
  2. In case any further reports are required, the types and dates of the reports are to be specified.
  3. The applicant is advised of the fees according to the required reports.
  4. When the fees are paid, a receipt is issued and handed over to the expert.
  5. A response is prepared and the required reports are attached (if any) within two working days.
*For document submission please e-mail: customerservice@dfm.ae

Required Documents
  1. An official correspondence from the expert/auditor.
  2. The court’s authorization letter of the expert/auditor authorizing them to inquire about a certain account.
  3. Supporting documents concerning the person to be inquired about.

How to Apply?
Through email to (registry@dfm.ae) or in person at the DFM Clearing and Settlement Department, Trading Floor, World Trade Centre, Dubai