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Trading in Shares during the (Buy In) session

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A total commission for trading in Shares during the (Buy In) session 

For information on this service, please contact:
Dubai Clear
T:+971 4 305 5555
E: clearing&settlement@dubaiclear.ae


The total commission is 0.00125 or AED 1.25 per thousand of the value of each transaction, which is calculated to be distributed according to the following:

1.Dubai Financial Market commission: 0.0005 or AED 0.5 per thousand

(Minimum AED  20)

2.Dubai Clear / Dubai CSD commission: 0.0005 or AED 0.5 per thousand (Minimum AED 10)

3.Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) commission: 0.00025 or AED 0.25 per thousand (Minimum AED 5)

The commission amount will be directly deducted from member’s settlement account.

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