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Dividend Distribution Service

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According to the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) decree, in 2010 the DFM launched its dividend distribution services, which witnessed astounding success in organizing and controlling the dividend process.

This led to a noticeable increase in companies applying for the service the years that followed, tapping into the benefits provided by the DFM, saving the company’s time and costs throughout the dividend process by utilizing the highly trained and experienced competencies at the DFM to set the process accurately and in an organized manner.

The service also supports spreading awareness among investors about their rights as shareholders, activating their roles and bridging the gap between the two parties. In addition to DFM's commitment to process the dividend payments on the specified dates through the investor's preferred payment method, which is iVESTOR Card or Bank Transfer.

For more information on this service, please contact:
DFM Financial Services
T: +971 4 305 5319
E: FinancialServices@dfm.ae

       AED 10 for each Shareholder with a total amount of no less than AED 5000 per company

      • The Financial Services division at DFM is to be officially notified with the company’s desire to manage their AGM and dividend services through the DFM.
      • One contract is to be signed to include both services.
      • The contract is reviewed by the company to submit additional notes, if any.
      • Accordingly, the contract is printed by the Financial Services division, for the DFM CEO to sign two copies and sent to the company for their signature(s).
      • One copy is sent back to DFM and the company keeps the second copy.
      • A schedule which includes the procedures and their dates of execution, is sent prior to the AGM session date which includes the following procedures:


      • Determine the due date and settlement date.
      • Organize the company’s register hand over process and obtain the company’s approval therein.
      • Date of transferring the dividend amount to DFM.
      • Defining the dividends distribution date through a deposit in the investor's iVESTOR card or bank account.
      • Send SMS notification to the shareholder with their dividends details (iVESTOR Card users only).
      • Document the dividend's data and prepare the necessary settlement reports.

      Required Documents
      DFM Contracts with the company applying.     

      How to Apply?
      Contact DFM Financial Services at T: +971 4 305 5319 or E: FinancialServices@dfm.ae


      • The payment methods include: iVESTOR or Bank transfer.
      • IBAN number for AED and USD accounts details are mandatory (if wire transfer is selected as method of payment).
      • Sign and attach the related admission and undertaking letter provided by the DFM (see letter content letter template section at the end of the handout).