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Annual Custody Fees

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Annual fees are imposed on banks or financial institutions whom are licensed by SCA and are registered to act as custodians on behalf of their clients in Dubai CSD as per a custody agreement signed by both parties.

Average portfolio value for the previous year * 0.0025%
The minimum fees are AED 80,000

  • An official letter is sent by Dubai CSD to the custodian to confirm the custodians average portfolio value for the previous year, and fees calculation together with an invoice. Also, Dubai CSD provides the custodian with the breakdown report based on symbol.
  • Fees are to be received from the custodian within 2 weeks period.
  • A receipt voucher is issued and provided to the custodian.

Required Documents

How to Apply?
Through email to registry@dubaicsd.ae


Is it necessary to submit to DFM the annual custody renewal license issued by the SCA?