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Call Voice Recording Service (Companies operating on DFM Trading Floor)

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Brokerage companies can utilise the DFM voice recording service to record all incoming and outgoing calls as part of their surveillance purposes.

For more information on this service, please contact:

DFM Members Affairs
T: +971 4 305 5631
E: mc@dfm.ae

  • AED 25,000 per year (6 users)
  • AED 3,000 per year (each additional user)

To apply, please follow the below procedure: 
  1. Provide an official request to DFM either by email or an official letter
  2. DFM will confirm the request once completed and provide the Brokerage company with the extensions line numbers
  3. An invoice will be sent to the company with the required fees. 

Required Documents
An official letter or email requesting the call voice recording service

How to Apply?
Official letter through DFM eServices or email to mc@dfm.ae