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REPO Transactions

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Dubai Clear Company may now process requests for transfer of ownership securities listed for REPO Transactions between a repo seller and a repo buyer who have agreed on a repurchase agreement between the investors’ Banks or Financial Institutions.


1)- Transfer securities from REPO Seller to REPO Buyer: 0.002 (two per thousand) of the market value of the shares

Fees = Number of securities*market value of securities*rate

( Minimum AED 100)


2)- Transfer securities from REPO Buyer to REPO Seller: AED 100 per company

(Note: All fees to be paid to Dubai Clear Company by the Repo buyer only)

  • Receive forms from the Buyer and Seller
  • Register the Repo buyer in Dubai Clear Company records
  • Transfer the securities from Seller to Buyer’ account or vise versa (in case receive request to move the securities to seller account later)
  • Send account statement report to Repo Buyer
  • Issued a voucher


Required Documents
  • Buyer and Seller of the Repo should fill the form
  • Attach copy of Repo Agreement
  • Pay Repo fees by the Buyer

How to Apply?
Through Member or Settlement agent