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Transfer IPO Securities from Joint Global Coordinators [JGCs]/Joint Book Runners [JBRs] to Late Paying QI Investors

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These transfer procedures apply only to the transfer of Initial Public Offering shares by Joint Global Coordinators/Joint Book Runners in relation to late payments for IPO share subscription by JGC/JBR clients.

  • Without fees (From listing date [T] to T+9 which is 10 DFM trading days)
  • 0.00275 From the shares market value, or 0.000275 for bonds from each party with minimum fees of AED 200 from both parties.

    Formula for shares fees calculation = No. of shares * last closing price * rate

    Formula for bonds fees calculation = No. of units * Unit Value / 100 * market value * rate
  • After the 10 trading days, and for a resolution of errors in IPO allocation (no end date)

  1. Dubai CSD must receive the completed, signed and stamped transfer requests from JGCs/JBRs by 1.00pm for DFM to process transfers with same day effective date.
  2. For JGC/JBR Investor numbers (NIN) under a DFM Custodian Bank Member, the transfer requests must be signed by the authorized signatories of the DFM Custodian Bank Member.
  3. For JGC/JBR Investor numbers (NIN) which are direct Investor numbers (NIN) ie. not under a DFM Custodian Bank Member:
    1.  The transfer requests must be signed by the authorized signatories of the JGC/JBR as per the authorized signatories list currently with DFM; and
The IPO shares to be transferred must be residing in the CSD Registry Account of the JGC/JBR, not in any Trading Account. 

Required Documents
Transfer request must be submitted in the agreed format and it should be sent to DFM in PDF and MS Excel formats.

How to Apply?
Transfer requests must be sent to: Primary Contact - Email: registry@dubaicsd.ae Backup Contact – Fax: +971 4 331 6764 and marked the email/ fax as “URGENT - IPO TRANSFERS”