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Electronic Reports Request

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Reports of the custodian's clients can be obtained, as per an official request submitted through eServices, indicating the type, details and date of the required report.

AED 0.5, the minimum is AED 200 and the maximum is AED 3,000 (per row in the report)

  • Applicant submits the request to Dubai CSD through eServices
    1. Stating the type of report needed 
    2. Date of the report
  • Applicant signs request and attach it
  • Dubai CSD prepares the requested report and attaches it to applicant within 2 working days 

Required Documents
  • Official request letter from the custodian signed by the authorized signatory submitted through eServices

How to Apply?
Online through Dubai CSD eServices


Can we obtain a report showing the list of clients to date with their holdings details?