Making capital work for you.

DFM Arena offers issuers and investors an integrated capital raising platform for private investments.

Arena Private Market provides eligible private companies with access to growth capital provided by eligible investors.

You are a company looking to raise growth capital but you are not ready to IPO.
You are an investor looking for unique opportunities to invest in high growth private companies.
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Private Market Potential

Global Private Market Size

Private markets assets under management totalled $13.1 trillion (June 30, 2023), and have grown nearly 20 percent per annum since 2018

MENA Private Market Growth

MENA VC Investment Horizon 2023
  • $3.8 billion through 663 deals
  • Second-highest annual deal value, behind $4.8 billion in 2022
  • Sixfold increase in deal value from 2018 to 2022
  • Leading VC activity countries: UAE, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia
  • $2.1 billion in 2023 (55.9% of MENA total)
  • $2.4 billion in 2022 (50.6% of MENA total)

Global Private Market Dry Powder

USD 3.7 Trillion Dry Powder Reserves provide opportunities for strategic entry points. Source: Pitchbook MENA Private Capital Breakdown H20023

Making capital work

New growth trajectory

Join a curated ecosystem of companies and investors that are setting a new trajectory for growth.

Access to capital

Private companies access capital on their terms whilst maintaining control of the company, from a network of 1.6 million investors to accelerate growth.

Next big thing

Investors can participate in growth companies before they become the next big thing on the path to possible IPO.
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How we make capital work for you.

funds equity debt A choice of private market investments - equity, debt and funds.
DFM logo Underpinned by the governance, due diligence and security of the DFM.
secondary market Potential to liquidity through our secondary market ecosystem.
Arena app screen Seamless access through the ARENA Platform.
ARENA provides access to DFM’s extensive international network.
Arena Private Market

Arena for private companies.

Raise growth capital through equity, debt or fund structures without the need for collateral.
Lift your profile through access to the DFM network of 1.6m investors that participate in the Arena Private Market.
Gain support from DFM's extensive network, market knowledge and expertise to navigate your capital raising journey.
DFM provides governance, security and support to efficiently list the company on the Arena Private Market.

Eligibility requirements for private companies

Minimum two-year operating history and financial track record required (revenue generating).
Minimum offering size of USD 10 million (or equivalent in AED).
Non-qualified working capital statement of twelve months.
Company must be incorporated in a UAE mainland or free-zone jurisdiction. Get Started

Arena for Investors.

Exclusivity Become part of a unique group of investors with access to Arena Private Market investments.
Access to Opportunities Benefit from early-stage investment in the next big thing before it becomes the next big thing
Tranparency Reassurance of DFM governance, due diligence and oversight, ensuring a transparent investment environment and quality company disclosures.
Technology Driven Access your portfolio through an intuitive, user-friendly platform designed to streamline your investment journey.

Accessible and efficient.

Investing in Arena Private Market becomes an easy and simple extension to your existing DFM subscription.
Subscribe the same way as for public offers
Trade through your existing broker
Low capital threshold for subscription
Quality corporate disclosures and governance

Investor Types

Arena is accessible to both individuals & institutional investors.

Individual Investor

  • Financial assets of at least AED4M
  • Eligible Investor (Demonstrating understanding and accepting the risk of private market investing)

Institutional Investor

  • Incorporated
  • Involved in Financial Services by way of business
  • Experienced in investing

Access Arena, how you want it.

With Arena, investing is accessible and efficient. Arena provides a seamless user experience through a web portal and by leveraging the investment-powered wallet, iVestor. 

Private Companies


To optimise operations, a dedicated web platform for issuers and institutional investors will streamline the issuance application process, minimising delays.



Investors can access Arena through the iVestor app and the investment powered wallet, as well as the ARENA web portal, ensuring easy access to diverse investment opportunities. More about iVestor


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