The global destination for individuals and companies to accelerate their wealth and business.
Dubai Financial Market

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is the leading financial market in the region, operating as a thriving and powerful multi-platform marketplace for raising capital, listing and trading across a range of securities and asset classes.

As the IPO and listing exchange of choice for leading issuers across key economic sectors and international companies seeking dual listing, we play a vital role in empowering economic development in the UAE.

Who we are

We are Dubai's financial market. Where the East meets West, we are the global destination for individuals and companies to accelerate their wealth and business.

What we believe and why we do it

We believe in the potential of people, ideas and ambitious vision. We believe in moving people, business and ambitious visions forward. Accelerating tomorrow.

What we do

DFM provides access to financial markets through a smart, fluid ecosystem conducive to growing investments, wealth of individuals and business in an accelerated and sustainable way.

Dubai - An Investment Destination

We provide access to global markets through a smart, fluid ecosystem that enables individuals and businesses to grow investments and accelerate their wealth in a sustainable way.

Our continuous focus on technology and innovation is the foundation for enduring growth and diversifying our product offering.

Listed Companies
Equities, ETF and REIT listed on DFM (2022)
Market Cap for equities
AED 582 billion
Market Cap of equities listed (2022)
AED 31.15 billion
Capital raised through 5 IPOs in 2022
Market Cap
increase in Market Cap in 2022
1 million+
Number of new investors increased 23x to 167,332 (2022)
Total Trade Value
Increase in total trade value exceeding AED 90 billion (2022)

A dynamic force in the region's capital markets

We operate on a robust and dynamic technology platform designed to support trading and market activities at high capacity and low latency.

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    The first exchange in the UAE
    We launched in 2000 as a public institution and in 2007 became the region’s first publicly listed exchange.
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    Seamless trading across two exchanges
    We are consolidated with Nasdaq Dubai to provide a greater selection of asset classes and easier access to listed securities on both exchanges with a single Investor Number.
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    Access to investors around the world
    Our extensive base of 1 million+ local and international investors from 212 nationalities provide liquidity and active trading.
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    We embrace international best practices and welcome companies of all types from around the world, with infrastructure to meet their evolving needs.
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    Clearing House
    Our unique clearing model via Dubai Clear and Nasdaq Dubai Clear offers risk management to the highest standards, a wide collateral list, integrated clearing of exchange traded instruments as well as an OTC offering in multiple currencies.
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    Robust Regulatory Framework
    We are regulated by and work proactively with the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) to adhere to best-in-class international practices and protect investors.

Key Features

High-Performance Matching Engine

World-class trading and matching technology enables flexible, reliable, multi-asset trading for marketplaces and venues of all sizes to keep pace with ever-changing market requirements.

Industry-Leading Speed

Ranks among the lowest latency in the industry at sub-40 μSec, with the fastest implementation at 14 μSec latency door-to-door.

Optimal Uptime

Resilient infrastructure features a high degree of system uptime, availability and seamless failover, keeping you up and running even under the most intense market conditions.

Comprehensive Coverage

A flexible matching engine covers all market models and asset classes, from equities to derivatives to digital assets, along with specialised functionality for derivatives and hybrid models.

Global Connectivity

Leverages industry standard connectivity protocols. Plus an easy-to-use trading workstation to improve new member onboarding and system integration.

Cloud Availability

Cloud-optimised matching is available to support B2B, B2C and C2C trading models in a 24x7x365 environment with dynamic scaling for order size and trading volumes.

Manage, Track.

Anytime. Anywhere.