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Company Background

Divided into 8 billion shares, 20% of the capital—equivalent to 1.6 billion shares—was offered through an IPO. The public offering exceeded expectations, with subscriptions amounting to AED201 billion.

On March 7, 2007, Dubai Financial Market Company was listed on the market with the trading ticker, DFM.

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Strategic Focus

Being Dubai’s primary market, the DFM aligns its strategic priority with Dubai’s global priorities, with the city serving the region as its global business, trade, and transport hub; the DFM compliments the city’s strategy by connecting the regional and international liquidity pools to serve the growth of its listed companies across traditional and emerging sectors.

DFM continues to set the benchmark regionally when it comes to the diversity of its market, innovation and product development is at the core of its (or our) strategy, this includes traditional products as well as emerging new products.

DFM’s Strategic Priorities
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DFM Corporate Governance

Strict compliance with the rules and standards of corporate governance contributes significantly to creating sustainable value for shareholders while preserving the interests of employees, customers, suppliers and society as a whole.

Our Board of Directors is committed to providing strategic leadership and carrying out all responsibilities with integrity and commitment.

In compliance with the Ministerial Decree No. (3/R.M) of 2020 concerning the Standards of Institutional Discipline and Governance of Public Shareholding Companies, our management has prepared a set of controls and approved rules to achieve the highest standards of corporate governance.

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Meet our board members, who are committed to taking DFM to greater heights.

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Get access to important DFM PJSC key figures such as the annual data and quarterly data

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Zakat PJSC

The Zakat base is determined by subtracting short-term liabilities and non-controlling interest from total Zakat assets.

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Unclaimed Dividends

Claim your unclaimed dividends

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Analysts Coverage

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Get analyst research based on a statistical framework that includes quantitative income, cash flow, balance sheet and financial ratio modelling to help you evaluate and understand the growth prospects of our listed companies.

Please contact any of the company analysts below for their coverage reports.

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