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The digital platform for every investor

Instantly access your dividends, invest in IPOs, track your portfolio and manage your spending effortlessly.

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Meet the all new iVestor

Get the most out of the app that focuses on what matters most to you.

Invest in IPOs

Stay ahead of the curve with the ability to subscribe to fresh IPOs.

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Gives a snapshot of your current securities with DFM and its market value. You can monitor the changes to your portfolio on a daily basis with an interactive chart.

Transfer easily

Send and receive money between iVestor friends and banks in just a few taps.

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Start young
Introduce your minors to responsible spending habits by giving them access to a card that enables them to spend and save money.
Saving goals

Create saving goals with automation actions based on recurring instruction, roundups on spends or using your dividends to define your goals.

The preferred card to trade in XCube

The XCube trading app connects easily to your iVestor app, so you can transfer funds and start investing immediately.

Spend safely

Control countries, categories, spending limits, and more with customizable security settings.

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Track spending

View card balances and transaction history in your home feed

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Stay connected
Send payments to friends with a message, your favorite emojis and even live animations: cue the confetti!
Top-up flexibly

Add money to your iVestor card however you’d like: IBAN transfers and ATMs.

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Virtual cards

Track & manage spending with virtual cards. Apply up to two virtual cards.

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Split bills

Request & accept money from friends based on bill amounts. Upload receipts for easy sharing.

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Introducing Apple Pay for your iVestor card!

With our Apple Pay integration, you can now enjoy seamless and secure transactions using your iPhone or Apple Watch. Simply add your iVestor card to your Apple Wallet, and you’re ready to go!

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