We recognize that adhering to Islamic obligations of Zakat is important to personal investors, portfolio managers and brokers alike. Our Zakat calculator is based on the Net Assets Method and can be broken down as follows:

  • The Zakat base is determined by subtracting short-term liabilities and non-controlling interest from total Zakat assets.
  • Zakat Assets:
    Cash, cash equivalents, receivable ‘net of non-performing debts’, assets acquired for trading and finance assets, excluding provisions that have been formed in anticipation of a decline in value or to predict the failure to collect the amount of funding, LESS the related fixed assets.
  • Liabilities:
    All accrued expenses during the period of financial position, the rights of the owners of the unrestricted investment accounts, the rights of the minority, the rights of the government, charities and human rights institutions and rights of non-profit organisations in case it doesn’t have a specific owner.

Zakat Calculator

Calculate the Zakat value of your DFM PJSC shares using the calculator below. (Not applicable for shares acquired for trading purposes)

Your Zakat amount on 0 shares for the year AED 0.00

Zakat amount over the years

AED per 1000 DFM PJSC shares

Endownment of shares

We collaborate with the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments to enable our individual and institutional investors to donate shares on DFM to their charity of choice.

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Choose your charity of choice from the list below:

  • Endowment for Islamic Affairs
  • Endowment for Education
  • Endowment for Healthcare
  • Endowment for Social Welfare
  • Endowment for Orphans and Poor People
  • Endowment for Righteousness and Piety
  • Endowment for the Donor’s Family and Offspring

You can endow your securities through DFM app

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