Rights Issue Subscription

Overview Rights issue is a financial instrument representing the rights that are legally granted to the company’s shareholders to have priority in subscribing for the shares that will be issued for the company’s capital increase.

How to trade?

For shareholders of the listed company

Existing company shareholders can subscribe to the company’s Capital Increase using their owned Rights which are allocated according to their shareholdings at the start of the trading period.
Existing company shareholders can also buy further Rights during the specified trading period in order to subscribe to the Capital Increase

For non-shareholders of the listed company

Investors can buy the Rights during the specified trading period in order to subscribe in the Capital Increase shares during the specified subscription period.
The investors can only subscribe in the Capital Increase using their Rights bought until the end of the specified subscription period

How to Subscribe?

Shareholder of the Listed Company

Subscribe in the Capital Increase by referring to the methods outlined in the Company’s Rights Issue invitation.

View the Company Rights Issue invitation and website for the latest company information or contact DFM Customer Services if you have any investor-related queries on 04 305 5555 or customerservice@dfm.ae

Coming soon

Al Mal Capital REIT Rights Issue

Al Mal Capital REIT is a closed ended real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in a diversified portfolio of income generating real estate assets in the UAE and GCC, based on secure long-term lease agreements with a strong credit profile.

The Fund will offer UAE and GCC investors access to an asset class with long-term fundamentals, through a strategy focused on investing in strong-performing UAE sectors, including healthcare, education and industrial assets.

The REIT is managed by Al Mal Capital PSC with the following objectives:

  1. Acquire a diversified portfolio of real estate properties based on secure long-term lease agreements.
  2. Maintain an optimal capital structure at all times.
  3. Have the capability of acquiring onshore as well as offshore assets in UAE, and having the flexibility of acquiring international assets.

Al Mal Capital REIT Rights Issue’s holders only are eligible to subscribe for new units in resulting from the capital increase. View Al Mal Capital REIT Capital Increase subscription invitation to know more about the receiving banks, participating branches and important dates.

Last day to purchase or keep holding the Al Mal Capital REIT to be entitled to receive Rights Issue: 21 Feb 2024

Trading period

Start Date 26 Feb 2024
End Date 15 Mar 2024

Subscription period

Start Date 4 Mar 2024
End Date 22 Mar 2024