Private Companies

Provide ease of mind to your investors while maintaining control of your company

For private companies of medium to large size, Dubai Financial Market is an ideal listing venue to expand your business and product offerings into a wider market.

Our Direct Market option is specifically designed for private companies to list securities without going through the IPO offering process. We require a minimum of 30 shareholders at the time of listing. Our extensive reach can support all your business and geographic needs.

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Benefits of Listing for Private Companies

Provide shareholders a transparent and efficient option to exit

Support growth while maintaining control

Access to a wide network of investors

Facilitate price discovery for exiting shareholders

Increased publicity and global visibility

Elevated public profile

Considering going public?

Are you considering going public, and does your company have growth potential?

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Start by talking to our team and discover which listing option is right for you.

Every company is different, so let us guide you on the best solution for your company and how you can get started.

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Listing Resources

Dubai Financial Market provides listed companies with a wide range of added-value services, including:

  • Issuer Support Program working with you throughout the IPO process and as a listed company
  • Customised communication plan with all stakeholders
  • Participation in the flagship international investors roadshows
  • High public exposure through media and panel discussions
  • Distribution of dividends through our unique iVestor cards

Are you considering going public, and does your company have growth potential?