Listing REITs

Raise capital from your properties without selling
Understanding REITs

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are funds that invest in real estate. The DFM’s REITs platform enables you to raise capital through your properties without selling them fully, and sharing the income stream with investors.

REITs are attractive to investors as it gives them the ability to benefit from the success of the real estate market without having to buy a whole property.

Benefits of Listing REITs

Your property can work to earn you income without selling. There are many advantages to listing a REIT on DFM.

No Loss of Stake

REITs enable companies to raise capital for future expansion without selling a stake of the holding company itself.


Companies can leverage on their real estate assets by creating a REIT and raising capital through the partial sale of the REIT.


Enhanced corporate governance and disclosure standards aligned with shareholders’ interests and audited financial reports.


Opportunity to raise further capital to purchase more real estate assets by selling part of the units to the public.

Reduce Risk

Establishing a REIT opens the door for other investors to participate in the ownership of the real estate assets.

Why List REITs with DFM

DFM is a trusted and secure market with
at it’s core
You have easy, quick access to funds.
DFM’s REIT regime is one of the most attractive globally,
Providing REITs with access to investors globally
through a robust framework.

Who is it for? Anyone with an income generating portfolio of real estate assets, with at least 75% of their total assets in real estate and at least 75% of gross income from rent of real property or from interest on mortgages financing real property.
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Make your property work for you.

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