Listing Sukuk and Bonds

Issuing Sukuk & Bonds

As an alternative to an IPO, companies can raise capital by issuing a conventional bond or a Sukuk (Shari'a-compliant bond). The issuer must pay back the capital at an agreed date and in the meantime, depending on the terms, also make other regular payments.

Understanding Sukuk & Bonds

Issuing Sukuk/bonds is a good option for companies that want to raise capital without giving up control or decision making to investors. The profit/interest rates and repayment terms are set, removing any uncertainty about how the bonds will be redeemed at maturity.

A debt issuance and listing will help increase the visibility and credibility of the issuers, especially new issuers who do not have any experience of the capital markets.

Benefits of Listing Sukuk and Bonds

There are many advantages to raising funds through the issuance of bonds and Sukuk.


Exposure and access to regional and global investors


Easy transfer of securities through our links with Euroclear and Clearstream


Choose the currency, size and structure of the issuance

International Standards

DFSA regulations are in line with international standards that attract global investors


Streamlined, fast and easy listing process. We also provide an online system to manage

Why list Sukuk & Bonds in Dubai

USD 77 billion
Sukuk currently listed in Dubai
USD 39 billion
Total value of Bonds listed in Dubai
Dubai is one of the world’s largest centres for Sukuk listings with USD 77 billion of Sukuk currently listed. The total value of bonds currently listed in Dubai is USD 39 billion. By listing your debt securities in Dubai you will join a list of renowned regional and international sovereign and corporate issuers that have chosen to list here. And you can choose from numerous currencies in which to list.

Who is it for?
  • Governments
  • Enterprises (local and international)
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Think Bonds or Sukuk are right for your company?

Every company is different, so let us guide you on the best solution for your company and how you can get started by talking to our team.

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