Market Rules

Dubai Financial Market (DFM) must satisfy the requirements detailed in the Securities and Commodities Authority’s (SCA) Rules and Regulations. The Stock Exchange Notices disseminate amendments to market rules and guidance.

DFM's primary aim is to provide issuers, brokers and investors an attractive, efficient and well-regulated market in which to raise capital and fulfill investment and trading requirements.

All DFM member firms are bound by the rules of the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) and must ensure compliance with these rules. The rules were fully updated in 2013 and the rules are therefore closely linked to the operation of the trading system and should be read in conjunction with the SCA Rules and Regulations.

Issuer Rules

The Issuer Rules are issued pursuant to the securities laws which regulate the conduct of the securities functions and governs the relationship between the DFM and listed securities.

The Issuer Rules are supplemented by the relevant issuer procedures and guidance notes which form part of the Issuer Rules. The issuer procedures are subject-specific and can be found within each of the functions of issuing securities.

Disclosure Rules
SCA Board Decision No. (3/r) of 2000 Concerning the Regulations as to Disclosures and Transparency

DFM Rules and Disclosures & Transparency Booklet Issuance
Listing Rules
Council of Ministers Decision No. (12) of 2000 Concerning the Regulations as to the Listing of Securities and Commodities
SCA Board Decision No. (7\r) of 2002 Concerning the Listing of Foreign Companies
 SCA Board Decision no. (157\r) of 2005 Concerning the Regulations as to Listing and Trading of Commodities and Commodities Contracts 
SCA Board Decision No. (56) of 2012 Concerning the Amendment of the Regulations as to Listing and Trading of Commodities and Commodities Contracts shall be effectively in place on the next day that it’s publically published in the Gazette. Entities engaged in the Brokerage activity before the issuance of this decision must rectify their conditions in accordance with its provisions within a period not to exceed one calendar year from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.
SCA Board Decision No. (43/r) of 2008 Concerning the Regulations as to Dual Listing
Private-JSC Listing & Trading Rules Booklet 
 DFM Foreign ETF’s Listing & Disclosure Rules Booklet
Listing and Trading of Investment Funds Rules Booklet 
Listing of REITs Rules Booklet 
Corporate Governance Rules
The Chairman of Authority's Board of Directors' Resolution No. (7 R.M) of 2016 Concerning the Standards of Institutional Discipline and Governance of Public Shareholding Companies