Shari'a Compliance: The Authoritative Voice

We take pride in being the first financial market globally to operate in accordance with the principles of Shari'a Law—and we remain committed to the values of Shari’a in all aspects of our operations.

The following set of standards were prepared by a dedicated in-house Shari'a Committee and approved by a group of third-party experts and specialists to ensure full compatibility with Shari'a Law across all DFM activities, products and services.

Standard 1 Issuing, Acquiring and Trading Shares
We aim to enable investors to identify Shari’a-compliant listed companies. Our Standard No. 1 document details all parameters for acquiring and trading in company shares, along with the rules for excluding prohibited income, and general provisions.
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Standard 1 Download Standard No. 1 Full Document Download
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Standard 1 Addendum No. 1 for the DFM Shari’a Standard of Issuing, Acquiring and Trading Shares Download
Standard 2 DFM Standard for Issuing, Acquiring and Trading Sukuk
The Standard No. 2 document covers the definitions, types, parameters, and listing requirements for Sukuk, as well as the terms, conditions and characteristics for Green Sukuk.
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Standard 2 Download Standard No. 2 Full Document Download
Standard 3 DFM Standard for Hedging Against Investment and Finance Risks
Given the increasing importance of hedging and its significance for economic activities, the DFM issued a standard on Hedging Against Investment and Finance Risks, a first-of-its-kind all inclusive standard which will form a point of reference for Islamic banks and financial institutions to safeguard their funds without violating the rules of Shari’a.
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Standard 3 Download Standard No. 3 Full Document Download

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