Dividend Distribution

Understanding Dividends

The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) is in a leading position to assist listed entities to maintain an updated record of its shareholders, and enable those entities to effectively comply with all administrative tasks related to its registered shareholders dividend distribution. Successful delivery is attained through robust systems and efficient processes for cost effectiveness and to maintain accuracy for clients.

How to receive dividends?

Investors can receive their dividends through the two options below.
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iVestor Card
Receive dividends instantly on a prepaid card, which can be used as a standard debit card for retail and online purchases or to withdraw cash anywhere in the world from VISA and PLUS-marked ATM machines.
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Bank Transfer
Receive dividends directly into your bank account anywhere in the world.
Before you invest, consider your overall financial position as well as the risks associated with each type of financial instrument.

Dividends Distribution Summary


Unclaimed Dividends

If you have not been receiving your dividends, we are happy to assist you in claiming them.

Important information for Dubai Financial Market (PJSC) shareholders who are entitled to cash dividends but have not received through ‘myACCOUNT’ in the previous years.
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If you have any unclaimed dividends, please follow the steps below to claim them.

I have an Investor Number (NIN)

If you have an Investor Number (NIN) and have not selected a payment method, you can select your preferred payment method through DFM mobile app

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I do not have an Investor number (NIN)

There are 3 ways you can obtain an NIN:

Online Apply in minutes and instant receive a NIN through our DFM mobile app
In person Visiting the Dubai CSD Investor Affairs desk at the DFM trading floor in the Dubai World Trade Centre.
Through A Broker Request a NIN through a DFM licensed brokerage